The Sour Diesel Showcase is a private event to recognize the best grown Sour Diesel Nation wide and our second category Sour Diesel Crosses. If you are interested in presenting your best S.D. there are requirements you need to meet.

First, be sure you want to enter this showcase.

“There will be no REFUNDS”

We are serious about finding an amazing representation of Sour Diesel and if you are a presenter that wants to be part of this showcase, you must:

Meet Deadline Date: All entries must be in by May 20 (if being shipped, we will provide an address to ship to closer to the event date via email)

42 G’s Flower

Fee of 150

Includes 1 ticket per entry for the Showcase date-

When you click the link below it will take you to another page with 2 buttons “S.D.” and “CROSSES” pick your category and good luck!!