gt south cup

Comp. Info.

The 2nd Annual GT South Cup is a private event to recognize the best cultivators Nation Wide with an added Skunk Category. We will have a flower, edible, concentrate, cart and preroll categories. And 2 skunk categories, one is through U.F.O Genetics using their genetics to compete CONTACT THEM ON IF ( @u.f.o_genetics ) and the second Skunk category where anyone that thinks they have the skunk can enter LINK BELOW. Categories will be judge by professionals, NO JUDGES KITS WILL BE SOLD! We believe that cultivators competing should be judged by professionals. Good luck, If you are interested in participating here are the requirements you need to meet.

First, be sure you want to enter this showcase.

“There will be no REFUNDS”

We are serious about finding the best out there nation wide and if you want to participate in this event, you must:

Meet Deadline Date: All entries must be in by Nov. 26th Closer to the event date we will email the shipping address and the Location to drop off in person.

28 G’s Flower ( all together, do not package the entries ) – NO LOGOS

7 G’s Concentrate (separated into 14 half gram containers ) NO LOGOS

14 Prerolls – NO LOGOS

14 edibles packaged individually with no graphics or NO LOGOS


ENTRY Fee of $123

Includes 2 tickets and early access to the Award Show DECEMBER 3rd

When you click the link below it will take you to another page with buttons, THERE YOU WILL PICK YOUR CATEGORY.