On August 31st, 2019 GENE TRADERS will be in Plymouth, MASS.  This event is a Genetics & Cultivation Knowledge event for those who are interested in Genetic Preservation Kits and the sharing of Cultivation Knowledge for all.


 Pay At The Door

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To show our appreciation to those that collect and trade Genetics, we will have an auction of RARE AND LIMITED GENETICS. Along with a trading area for those looking to network with others who share a passion for collecting genetics.


We realized that in order to better serve the East Coast/New England Region, we have to be accessible to all; regardless of state. We invite organizations/companies within the cultivation aspect of the industry to come and exhibit your products and services. We invite genetics companies, soil/nutrient companies, lighting companies and so on, to come to exhibit your products at our Event. Our attendees are only made up of cultivators and genetics collectors. Making our event one of the only ones targeting cultivators as a whole.