GT Selects BEans

K*WEST (Humboldt Headband X Platinum Garlic)


This Combination of Humboldt Headband(OG Kush x Sour Diesel) and Platinum Garlic(GMO x platinum) is such an insane crossing of genetics and terpenes in one plant. We set out to create a cultivar that has dense buds with a lemon gas/fuel sent and taste. We also threw in Platinum and GMO to add more trichome production into its genetic makeup. We choose the Phenotype that could grow in the NorthEast Region of North America with a higher resistant to mold. Along with a good amount of spacing to allow air flow through its beautiful frosty buds, all of this has been designed with outdoor cultivation in mind but she does even better indoors.

56-63 flowering day(late September)